I’m just an average 6ft tall, creaky, father, husband and wobbly trail runner who happens to prefer sitting on a wet hillside to a warm office. There’s not much new or different to me except for a bull-headed determination to produce evermore engaging photography and graphic design  – no matter how hard it’s raining, how high the hill, or how cold the snow.

I trained as an Architect and whilst I loved the fast pace of design in that environment, I didn’t like the laboured pace of the industry. Instead, after I graduated in 2011, I spent my time working in marketing offices combining creativity with project management. This has shaped me in to a graphic designer that offers a truly holistic set of skills.

I have worked with start-up companies, SMEs and large national retailers alike, the constant feedback is always one of appreciation for my resourcefulness. A combination of photography and design experience makes me valuable to companies working with tight schedules and limited budgets.

I’m passionate about living more sustainably and reducing my impact on the environment that I enjoy so much. I think we have a duty to ensure future generations have the same opportunities that we have. To me, that means making sure my daughter has the freedom to explore her natural surroundings.

I’m a sociable person who loves cake (that’s why I have to run everywhere) so get in touch and let’s have a friendly chat about what you need.