About Mike

See me as an extension of your team rather than just another
freelance photographer and graphic designer.

Jump back to 2011 when I was finishing off my architecture degree, I realised that I didn’t want to be confined by such a rigid set of parameters that came with the building industry. Instead, I transferred an eclectic toolkit of skills into creative marketing. This was great and gave me a fantastic commercial awareness, but I still didn’t feel like I was 100% committing myself.


Now, I specialise in working with the sales and operations teams in SMEs and startups to communicate their ideas into tangible, on brand, exciting printed and digital visuals.


Conversations with the people I work with tend to start with, “I know what I want, I just can’t describe it”. My strength is asking questions that get to the core of your idea, to work out how we are going to communicate it most effectively.


“I just wanted to say a massive thank you for your tremendous work on the website. It’s been a mammoth task that wouldn’t have been possible without your wonderful help, creative thinking and, above all, saintly levels of patience.”


Serena Ralston – JBP

“We brought in Mike last minute to help us refresh a brand for us and designs for print. He picked up the brief instantly, sent us drafts within a tight timetable and delivered the goods. He also spotted issues we hadn’t seen and really led as a great project manager and designer.”


Jim Hardcastle – Mendip Hills AONB

“Mike has been hugely supportive member of our team, highly diligent, creative, great work ethic and crucially fun to work with!”


Nicholas Neeves – Cignpost Diagnostics

Typically found in hills, usually the right way up. Outside of work I’m partial to a bit of outdoor swimming, a lot of bikes and trying to keep up with two young kids and a running wife.

Currently curating two documentary projects; Affinity is an exploration into bi identities in heteronormative relationships and Along the Way is a collection of things I’ve stumbled upon that have been discarded and are slowly being reclaimed by nature.

For anyone interested, I now use a Leica Q2 (from Fuji X-Pro2) and Fuji X-T3 along with a variety of old film cameras and a GoPro.