Wedding Photography

Candid, natural, personable, and easy going; that’s my style. I’ve been to weddings, as a guest, where photographers have blocked our view of the bride and groom, noisily clicking away throughout memorable moments and disturbing the atmosphere – that is not my approach at all. Instead, I love being a fly on the wall, documenting your wedding day with a reportage style using unobtrusive and discrete Leica and Fuji cameras.


The paragraph I used to have here said that I delivered flawless photos full of love and life, but that’s not entirely true. If you want someone to direct you into flawless poses, I am not the person you want. My photographs capture the laughs, tears, funny moments, happy moments, sad moments and realism. A true reflection of your wedding day (and night). I get stuck in and mix with the guests, I laugh with you and run around for you, I do not force you to do anything you don’t want to.


I really enjoy wedding photography as a refreshing parallel to busy commercial work. I welcome everyone to drop me a message and have a no pressure chat so that we can discuss a tailored package, just for you.

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