Hannah French Classic Eyelash Training Manual

I know that I’m not supposed to have favourites, but the fact that we share the same surname and even live round the corner from one another meant we were bound to click.


Hannah originally asked me to help with a couple of certificates, but she got back in touch at the start of the month to pull some Eyelash Extension Training Course manuals together for her. She’s so great to work with and already had the nuts and bolts of the manuals nailed down. All I had to do was the graphic design!


This was great and she practically handed it over and said “make it look great”.


Jobs like this are the reason I love being a freelance graphic designer. It is so refreshing when you’re given a (really good) brief and space to deliver the perfect solution. Hannah took all of my suggestions on board, and we used That Copy Shop in Clevedon to deliver some really slick looking manuals. Moreover, we now have a framework of InDesign styles to replicate for all of her upcoming additions.

Classic Eyelash Extension Training Manual