Lie Down and Listen

As a success story to getting out there and meeting people, I met Christina when I followed Paul Minter for a morning on his 5000 mile run. Christina is the founder and mastermind behind these beautiful experiences where she guides the audience through meditative concerts with them lying down in equally alluring spaces.

Christina asked me to document an experience in The Mount Without, Bristol. I knew this was going to be a challenge but it was an opportunity I could not miss. She wanted to show the way the space, music and energy combined to create such an ethereal experience.

The space had next-to-no ambient light and I had to be totally silent so not to impose of the listeners. This meant carefully planning where I was going to set myself up to best cover the whole event, with varying angles, but also shooting silently with very slow shutter speeds. I fully utilised the 18 and 35mm 1.4, but I knew I wanted to get some longer shots with the 90mm that meant shooting at 1/125 sec minimum, whilst keeping ISO at an acceptable level!

Credit to Fuji cameras here. This is why I adore my X-Pro2s, they just do this sort of thing SO well. The grain is natural instead of distracting, the colours are sublime, and the cameras are inconspicuous enough that I can operate totally stealthily.