Image Events Visual Identity, Headshots and Website

Katie from Image Events got int ouch asking me to update their website and get some new headshots. We had previously worked together on a few projects but it was great to be introduced to Marianne and the rest of the team.

Following a meeting to discuss what was and wasn’t working with the existing website, we all agreed that the user journey needed to be simplified. We considered the type of user being a busy PA or EA that had been tasked with finding an events company and likely had lots of tabs open at once. This meant they wouldn’t want to be hunting through lots of pages trying to find the credibility or experience to make them enquire.

We focussed the information and brought their service levels right to the front page with quick access to messaging the team. Next we made sure the website was much more visual and collated a big gallery of images that sets Image Events out as one of the go-to events suppliers in the Greater London area.

As part of this project, I was also asked to create a visual identity for the brand, including tweaking the logo layout. This meant creating some custom CSS styling within Elementor – nothing too fancy or clever, but little touches to stand out.

Headshots with the Leica Q2

Whilst I was with the team, we took the opportunity to update the company’s headshots for the website. Everyone was busy in the office, so it was important that I didn’t impact them too much. I found a nice window with soft north light, moved a bit of furniture and asked them to sit in one by one for no more than 10 minutes at a time.

The level of detail and high-resolution sensor in the Q2 meant that I could sit back from everyone, not to impose, and crop in. I then used the new masking tools in Photoshop to quickly clip them out and replace the backgrounds to match the brand identity.

It never ceases to amaze me how far we’ve come in terms of camera tech. Even two or three years ago this job would have taken many more hours.