Bath Half Marathon 2023 Photography #runthebath

Yesterday was my wife’s first half marathon. For someone who always tells herself that she can’t do something, this was a big step. 18 months ago she hadn’t run anything, anywhere but, determined to get fitter, she started couch to 5k.

She ran it in 2hrs 39min, which is amazing.

I went along in a freelance capacity to capture the run as I saw it. Typically, I brought much more of a documentary photography eye, focussing on the context and atmosphere more than traditional race photographs shot with big zooms (there’s plenty of them already).

The weather was incredible, which makes a change for someone used to photographing mountain bike races in pouring rain.

I am always far more impressed by those running for a cause, stepping outside of their comfort zone. The mums, dads, grandparents, first timers, those who push through the dark place and come out of it achieving something great. I have the most respect for those people, who a half marathon isn’t a tick box exercise.