Nick Markham and Steve Chilton asked me to create a brand for their new shared ownership company called AnyNest. The premise was, AnyNest provides all of the positives of traditional shared ownership, without any of the negatives.

“AnyNest gives hard-working people, without lots of
savings or access to family money, an affordable way to
buy any house that they will be happy and comfortable
living in for a long time, in an area that they want to
live in – so they have the stability, security and space
they need to really enjoy life and plan for the future”

My interpretation was to create a soothing and caring brand that reflected the different approach. Nick and Steve decided to progress the second concept because they really engaged with the ‘Hot Chocolate’ tones and happy face symbol.

We experimented with the ‘Nest’ element but decided that simple was best. This allowed for a very dynamic brand mark that worked in a variety of applications.

After a few rounds of changes, I progressed the final design into a solid guidelines document for the web designers to work with.

AnyNest Shared Ownership Housing Logo Mock up