Autosigns Graphics digital brochure and Elementor website

I designed the first Autosigns Graphics Ltd website back in 2019 and it was due a refresh now that Shane and the team have increased their signwriting and point of sale offering.


Autosigns are tricky to put a label on because their service offering is huge. They are much more than just vehicle signwriters. Over the past few years, they have expanded to supply a wide range of point-of-sale products for everything from events to football stadiums.
Shane’s request was for me to put something together that could quickly and efficiently put that message across – making their product offering very clear.

We utilized Adobe InDesign’s publish online tool to create an interactive document that could be easily attached to email signatures and social media posts. The beauty of this technique is that when Autosigns need to change a price, we can update and override the document, using the same link. This means every iteration consistently has the correct pricing and details.


We then rebuilt the website to mirror this document, using a refreshed design and Elementor. This has helped the website render much better, which makes the user experience more enjoyable and the website easier to read. As with most things, we made sure the website was very visual. The big gallery on the homepage now better reflects the high standard of work that Autosigns deliver, and it subtly highlights how their product offering is wider than only vehicle vinyl point of sale.


The satisfying point is that we’ve got Autosigns to a position that allows minor alterations to their own point of sale to be quick and efficient, which is perfectly suited to the fast-paced industries their customers work in.

The front cover that I designed in Photoshop for Autosigns