FLOOD-IT Shield Pre-launch Collateral


The range of FLOOD-IT LED floodlights are innovative for being totally rechargeable. The FLOOD-IT Shield was the next step; taking the rechargeable principal in to ATEX certified explosive environments. A selection of graphic and photographic assets was required before developing them in to a pre-launch advert.


I started by finding an appropriate location to photograph the prototype, using a metal worker’s paint room to create dynamic but bold assets. I then took the prototype in to a studio to have better control of the lighting and created photographs that provided just enough detail without giving away every feature. This was necessary as the final product was still liable to change. With a library of photographs, I then developed some eye-catching rendered graphics. This was then laid out in an advert that was printed in publications including Hazardex. This project required a lot of learning about the complex classifications for ATEX products.


The photographic assets were turned around within a week and I then had a further week to complete the advertising collateral.

Explosive proof ATEX LED Floodlight torch prototype product photography
Advertising collateral that I designed for FLOOD-IT to generate pre-orders for their ATEX prototype floodlight

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