Cignpost Branding & Credentials Deck

Christian Corney and Nick Markham (who I have worked with before) asked me to assist with a branding refresh for their Covid-19 Testing business. Being freelance gave me the flexibility and agility to deploy this project very quickly which suited this rapidly growing organisation.

It was clear that we didn’t want to move too far away from the existing branding that a previous designer had development; the compass is part of a wider group of companies that specialise in healthcare and insurance. It did however need a refresh to suit current standards and improve readibility.

I created a stylescape based on the user profile which helped refine a more contemporary colour palette. From there, I set about experimenting with layout after redrawing the mark to function better from a scalability aspect.

Cignpost Diagnostics Credentials Deck

With the branding tightened up, we progressed into creating a 25 page credentials deck to support the organisation’s sales operations when talking to the likes of Netflix, BBC and European Tour.

As part of this project, I also visited the mobile testing facilities to create a portfolio of photography assets.

Covid-19 Testing Photography