Turn the Tide – #3Ps Campaign

Together with Turn The Tide in Portishead, we have designed a poster and digital campaign for the #3Ps. I have to admit that there was an inner dialogue about posting this and ‘defacing’ my feed but good graphic design isn’t always polite and trendy. Focussing my attention on sustainability assignments means I have to look past the clich√© and create designs that encourage habitual change.

Only Flush the 3Ps - poster graphic design campaign with Turn the Tide Portishead

I thought hard about the design and wanted something very clear and simple. Being a poster for a movement aiming to reduce waste, I didn’t want to saturate the print with a lot of superfluous ink either.

The volunteers sent me a few examples of what they had in mind – which looked nice – but I felt they didn’t grab the reader’s attention enough. The subtle use of the swirls going down the toilet are supposed to be ‘target’ like to really focus the reader’s attention.

Illustrating the Pee Paper Poo slogan by hand with pens

I couldn’t get a font to fit the space the way I wanted so I hand drew the slogan and digitised it in Adobe Illustrator.

This poster is going up in schools and public spaces around Portishead.

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